Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Squadron Sramble !!!

The Crazy Rescue Mission:

The Hun is afoot with mischief. Pierre was barely half way through his late breakfast croissant and 'aperitif' when the distinctive low drum of aircraft engines was heard coming from the East. In the countryside around the Entente airfield troops were out hunting for the "downed" German pilots of the Dawn Patrol's "bag". So unusual for the Germans to come so deep over the Entente lines. Could the crazy Hun be attempting a a bold 'rescue' mission?  Staggering and swaying somewhat Pierre mounted his trusty N17 taking care to taxi a respectful and tactically astute distance away from the 'crazy' RE8 pilot who attracted trouble and mid-air collisions. See below, Pierre is far left, the dangerous RE8 is in the center:

The Hun. Flying low and making for a clearing, out of which a marker flare burns, near the wrecked remains of a German aircraft (see below). Apparently it is possible to "wing-walk" crew over the trench-line! Seeing will be believing ;) 

Given that there was a heavy tactical element of positioning in the first combat of the night (taking three quarters of the playing time) I was amazed at the brutal "up the middle on one" tactics of the Imperial German Air Force. It was as if they had forgotten we carried guns on our planes (see below):

An Albatross makes it clean through the Entente 'fighter' (plus RE8) defensive line (bottom left, model replace by a card for convenience sake) and brutal head-to-head combat take place over on the far right. Pierre is out of camera shot to the far left, trying desperately to get into the action, but the game is literally 'going too fast' for him to catch up with (see below). Will the Germans sweep in and rescue their comrades in under our very noses?

The eagle-eyed gunner of the RE8 has other ideas and the bloody cull starts, first blood to the Entente as the Albatross (and the brave and crafty pilot Kevin) falls to a 'lucky shot' (see below):

Pierre adjusts his goggles and swings his N17 in a graceful arc into the heart of the combat.


Phil said...

Those planes look very nice, a good work!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Remember Phil these planes come ready assembled too

In the old days you'd be gluing and painting bits of metal first

Now it's pop out of the pack and play