Tuesday, 3 April 2012

From the Fires of Hell, "Dragon's Teeth" are Drawn

The Maximilian Landsknechts have to pull it out of the bag somehow.

The demise of the Swiss Knights (see below) to a devastating rear attack by now the psychotic Germanic Men-At-Arms out for revenge, taking great pleasure in still being 'fresh' due to their deep formation (claiming Impetus) and additional 'rear attack' bonus dice. The valuable (3 VP) Swiss Knights became mere paper confetti, their far off Cantons mourning the loss of their noblemen. Remember the Maximilian break point is "ten", the Swiss "fourteen", so the parity in VD is slightly misleading as the Maximilian's are still behind.

Victory Point Count: Maximilian 9 VD to the Swiss 9 VD

Then tragedy stikes! Damn those unstoppable Swiss Pikemen the Maximilian camp is lost (see below), the army break point is reached, but the Maximilian "turn" must be completed before the game can end. On the up side the Swiss Pike has come within point blank range of the Maximilian artilery. 
Victory Point Count: Maximilian 11 VD (Army Morale Breaks) to the Swiss 9 VD

Mwanwhile the second Swiss Pike Block finds itself flanked by "shooters' delivering a devasting point blank volley. This point in the game is reffered to as the "Execution of Swiss Pikemen by Firing Squad" (see below):

Followed by the "Burial of Swiss Pikemen" phase, a base worth 3 VD is removed (see below):
Victory Point Count: Maximilian 11 VD (Army Morale Breaks) to the Swiss 12 VD

It comes to the last dice rolls of the game. A little tickle by some pesky skirmishers mounts another casualty before "The Big Guns" speak at point blank (a mere eight attack dice). A cloud of smoke obscures the Swiss Pike block from sight ...

When it clears it is apparent the "The Swiss have Fallen", (a base is removed worth 3 VD) their banners and pennants are seen to waver, the Swiss morale morale breaks and they retreat (see below):

Victory Point Count: Maximilian 11 VD (Army Morale Breaks) to the Swiss 15 VD (Army Morale Breaks)

The Game is drawn, a bloody draw at that, but without wanting to sound blood thirty it was a great game to play:

Relief that Lady "G-Spot's" is not pillaged by the Swiss (see above), but what did we learn apart from always pay the Swiss to be on your side or you have to pretty much kill all their army before you stop them? You had better face up to the fact that sooner you will have to kill at least one of their Pike Blocks!
Next time, next battle ... I'll have a painted General ;)


sebastosfig said...

What an end. Very good batrep. Thanks.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The Swiss are just "tough" nuts, no way to stop them bar killing them all

Even then I think they just regroup in hell