Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Panzer II "Marsch"

The early war panzer photograph collection was never quite finished. The Panzer II 'posse' pose together (see below) in France or Poland.

Four Matchbox/Revell and two Fujimi, the chap with the commander is the really early war variant (see below). They are crying out for decals (black crosses in particular) and I want to give all the early war crew tank commanders a little individual attention.

I do have one other Panzer II still in DAK colours and I am debating what to do with him, whether to turn him grey or camo him up for the recon vehicle.


sebastosfig said...

you did a good job there.

Al said...

Awesome mate, got a couple of these to do myself

Paul said...

Thank goodness Geordie, armoir at last.

A great looking unit. Paint the other blighter grey mate. Letss keep thinks simple.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks, the front two are the more recent paint jobs and are the better grey I think

The ones to the left are slightly too light for me liking

I'll have to do a Paul dirty wash special on them

Paul said...

Excuse my typing, it was very late.