Friday, 13 April 2012

A Cruel Fate for the Harry Tate

End Game: 

Never stand between a hunter and its game. The RE8 found itself as "all that stood between the Hun and glory" and in rather unglamorous fashion was set upon "top and tail" by the two remaining German scouts. Forward and rear machine guns blazing RE8 faced the full force of a Germanic operatic fury with stiff upper lip public school stoicism (see below):

The crowd of players clamoured for the model to replace the card counter. An even more ungainly scene depicting the plight of the RE8 (see below). Damage cards were exchanged ... many to the RE8 and a few in return to the Germanic scouts. 

Then the valiant RE8 was no more, flames billowed from its frame and it plunged earthward, the fate of the crew unknown (see below).

The even odds seemed to now be in the favour the Germans (the best they had all day, evens) but a slight miscommunication between the German scout pilots left one of them open to a 'free' deflection shot from a passing N17. The German scout was not in a good way and even this little trivial nick brought him down (see below). This changed everything.   

The "Yellow Albatross" faced with two N17's and himself low on ammunition decides that discretion is by far the greater part of valour and heads east to rebuild the Jasta. He waves forlornly at his trapped comrades in the fields below as he departs. Once again the pendulum battle in the skies above the trenches 'hangs in the balance'.

To be continued ...

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