Friday, 20 April 2012

Model of the Month: WWII HaT"StuIG 33" x 2

What a fantastic high from making this kit and I don't think it was anything to the liquid glue I was using in an unventilated room. It was a quick-fit joy to make. HaT have really sorted out their kit assembly!

It was a delightful put together in less that twenty minutes.

The only down side to this kit is thinking up an excuse to buy another box. Two models pretty well covers the requirements of a Command Decision German Division (Infantry, Panzer Grenadier or Panzer). 

In one session I managed to put together two.

The instructions were excellent, the only difference between printed and actual in the box was a simplification, using one part instead of two for the bit that goes underneath the gun.

All-in-all its 10/10 for a fast build, 9/10 for a scale model but it has plenty of scope for customisation (adding to stowage bric-a-brac on the rear engine cover area). You can imagine it is one of those vehicles that 'landsers' would keep jumping on for a ride, given half a chance.

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Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes, the raw plastic is crying out for paint of some sort ;)