Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Furious 'Five Minutes'

The Hun soon scores a revenge kill back as a Sopwith Pup is downed (see below) in a ferocious exchange of machine gun fire with the "Yellow Albatross" (a known killer from the 'Dawn Patrol' that staked Pierre before deciding to break off from the combat). The sides are now four Entente active planes to three Central Powers, still even'ish given the German (over) confidence in their men and their machines:

Pierre slides into the combat zone. Altitude and angles means that he can hit nothing but more importantly nothing can hit him, despite some things looking very close (see below): 

"Kaboom" the RE8 strikes with its front machine guns as the "Pink Terror" is engulfed in a ball of flame. A veteran German crew is lost (KIA). This is quite significant in the "campaign". Meanwhile Pierre goes head-to-head with a German single-seater scout he has trouble identifying (see below - answers on a postcard). Damage is taken by both planes and they continue on as if nothing has happened:

The "Yellow Albatross" chalks up another kill, as yet another nimble RFC Sopwith Pup is 'bagged'. They are dainty little things, beautiful to look at but seemingly not up to the rigours of war against an Albatross armed foe (see below): 

It is now the French in their N17's (two of), and an RFC (damaged) RE8 versus two German scouts in petty good condition (although with the secret damage in WoW you never quite know). One of the German pilots has a ferociously growing reputation and with appetite for Sopwith Pups. How wil he fair on N17's one wonders? The event must be decided soon, with the Germans circling the field where their comrades are sheltering.

Who is so important down there on the ground? So important to risk all these valiant men and machines in such a 'high risk' operation with a small chance of success? I wonder if the brain behind this scheme was in reality addled with schnaps? 


Mojo said...

Sounds great! I fancy WWI Warplane actions quite some time now...
Maybe I should really get into action...
Cheers, Mojo

Erhntly said...

great job..

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Mojo if yo can get a few friends involved it makes for a compulsive evening of fun

Best thing here is that the WoW models come ready made so you just step into the ring

(Although I do have a stack of 1/144 Skytrex Red Eagle models I am determined to convert from their current Canvas Eagles basing)

Thanks Erhan it's a good fun game :)