Thursday, 6 August 2015

Will these "Twelve Little Frenchmen" make it to Leipzig?

Napoleonic Update: 

The battle of Leipzig has been paused for for the summer, destined for an autumn resumption which means I may be able to contribute some more soldiers to the field of battle than my little band of Prussians. I decided to work on some basic French infantry (15mm Old Glory French 1815 style Infantry). For these I am attempting a more detailed painting pattern than my first attempt, just to see how "hard it is" to try make them look good (see below):

In the end I found it er, quite hard! See the end product above, my dirty dozen and one exhausted painter.

In total I have one pack (approximately 100 figures - 24 + 12 down 64 to go) of basic 15mm French infantry, but need to purchase a Command Pack (officer, Eagle holder and drummers I guess) and another of special 'Light Troops' (Voltigeur and Grenadier Companies with long plumes), hmm another £21.50 +P&P to field my first French Battalion or Regiment or Brigade, depending on your rule set. Ho hum, such is the lot of one collecting little soldiers for little wars!

French Infantry Painting guide to follow at some point :)


Sun of York said...

These have come up great. I'm an Old Glory fan and this pack was one of the first I had. Good luck with the rest of them.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Sun of York,

It's a slow process ;)
I think I have just got to suck it up and buy the other pack