Thursday, 13 February 2014

Plastic Soldier Company Panther

The "killer cat with zimmerat!" Note: The brown bits are pieces of wood jammed in to hold the tracks down while the glue sets (see below):

It is a very, very nice model to make indeed (see below):

It goes together like a dream (see below):

I think the PSC Fireflys would have to get the first shot in from ambush position to stand a chance (see below):

All in all a nice addition to the Panther collection I have amassed (see below):

Note: It's getting a little crowded in the CD II Panther Battalion box, just two off the 1944 regimental requisite of fifteen tanks, amassed it has to be said over twenty years of on and off collecting (see below):

Their time on the painting tray will come!


Paul Foster said...

Oh stop it Geordie!

How about a comparison shot or two to really get my blood running.

Monty said...

Great looking models, PSC stuff is the bollox ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheer Paul/Monty,

As the kits are locked away in the loft the comparison shots will have to wait until the weekend ;)

My collection is nothing compared to your and Al's painted models

I cannot fault PSC the only down side is that other manufacturers are dropping behind their standards!