Friday, 21 February 2014

Airfix Bedford Trucks ... WIP

Less sexy perhaps than a AFV but a new Airfix kit that is a welcome addition to the Airfix catalogue, particularly as you get two kits in the box, a troop carrier and a support truck. The fiddly thing is the construction of the chassis (see below):

It is a nicely tooled kit though :)

My progress has been a little stop start as the kit requires painting inside-out and I am looking quite perplexedly at the clear, see through plastic windows, a new feature I am not so sure about from Airfix!

Watch this space (there will be a pause as I go back and put together some more straight forward armour)!


Al said...

excellent bit of progress lately Geordie, crack on mate

Uncle Brian said...

Trucks are awesome in Command Decision. Every group I've played with has hoarded trucks like gold!

I look forward to seeing your new CD units. you are starting to make me think about getting my WW2 desert stuff up and running again.

Paul Foster said...

They scrub up nice Geordie. Lay your mind as rest.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


However I sense the need to paint a lot of the kit or it will never get on tabletop!