Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Airfix Matilda II

I remember this kit fondly from my childhood, despite the fiddly wheel arrangement that my tiny little hands had so much trouble with.

The Matilda II "Queen of the Desert" with turret hatches cut open ready for a tank commander to hop in (see below):

It is still a nice little kit that holds its own despite its age (see below):

So much so I made two using the excuse Airfix drop their kits in and out of production "so get them while you can" (see below)

Note: The tank commanders are from PSC via their Bren Carrier pack of three.

The crazy ambition is to work up to a CD II/III Western Desert RTR (ten in total required). I already have five at the moment so ten by the end of year (one of which has to be converted to a CS tank) does not seem too big an ask.

Why ... er I will get back to you later, as my DAK is minimal, but that could change. Mind you the ANZACs and Russians had Matilda's too.


Renko said...

I always remember the Airfix Matilda with affection, it seemed to be such a nice kit

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


The Airfix 88mm Flak gun seemed to be its natural nemesis though ;)