Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Plastic Soldier Company Sherman Firefly and Airfix Sherman

Blow me the boys at PSC make a mean Sherman Firefly. I mean I would think twice even if I were in a Tiger from taking these boys on, with obligatory cup of char in the background "though decaffeinated" (see below):

Nice looker with spare parts to adorn the hull front to add a little extra armour, and we all know "every little extra helps" (see below):

Compare this against the old Airfix veteran, with a PSC tank commander to nominate it as a command tank (see below):

I don't think I can mix these boys in the same regiment though (see below):

One RTR with Airfix Sherman and Matchbox/Revell Firefly. The PSC Firefly boys are intended to support the Cromwell RTR I am forming.

Model on as a fellow blogger would say


Tsold9000 said...

Nice shermans. PSC makes a nice kit don`t they?!. I like how "model on" has caught on in the blog world.

Paul Foster said...

Tempting Geordie...They look tasty.

That fellow blogger seems a wise soul.

Arquinsiel said...

The 1/76 - 1/72 gap is really obvious with Shermans. I found that the Airfix ones will fit INSIDE the Armourfast ones if you take the turrets off....

Monty said...

PSC really are impressive kits - nice one ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Tiger Tamers

Hmm, I agree they are (too) nice ;)

I feel the need to get a two more packs of PSC normal British Shermans to make another RTR when they are not being used by the Cromwells