Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Airfix Chi-Ha Type 97 - My most favourite Airfix AFV to put together

This IMHO is the most underrated Airfix model ever! It is an early war clanky tank that obviously owes much to the "Vickers six tonner" in its heritage (seen below before application of the flimsy Airfix tracks, which were wide enough just to say fitted a staple to fix them together):

But I think it the best detailed Airfix (original) I have come across and with the Japanese Infantry set the best kept secret just because the Far East is oft the forgotten theater of war (See below, with tracks added):

My only frustration (apart from the fact I will have to paint at some point in the near future, is to think up a reason to get a third. Two Japanese tanks seem more than enough in Command Decision (which is my marker OoB). I suppose I am in need of a "Command" tank ;)

The Chi-Ha could be used to combat the hoards of advancing T34/85's in Manchuria in 1945 which must have been the comedy match up of the century. It may be more of a fairer match-up against an Australian Matilda, Lee or M3 Stuart, but it would come off worse for wear against the US Sherman M4.


Paul Foster said...

Really nice tank all right Geordie. Nice work on the construction.

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Agreed. Very nice kit and, as you say, underrated.