Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thoughts on a AWI Project (Part II): "The Slow Gathering of Hosts"- First Purchase, British Infantry

"These are not the Colonials you are looking for!", but I bought them anyway. Somebody else had snaffled the Mel Gibson lookalikes but thanks to Mark Urban's tome I had enough interest to put these in my shopping basket (see below):

The figures can be assembled in so many different variety of headgear a multitude of options exist, however on the back of the box it says these are "Centre Company" or "Hat Men". A closer look at the Perry's Web-Site mean revealed that the sexier stuff is available in metal (doubling the cost from £0.50 a figure to roughly £1.00), such as Mark Urban's 23rd Welch [sic] Fusiliers.

I shall try and steer away from the metal, but certain infantry troop types, cavalry and artillery will lure me there in due course ;)

Hmm, yes I seem to have been bitten by another "shiny madness bug"!


Sean said...

Metal is always tempting, but plastics are getting better and better. The AWI project does look very interesting. I had missed the Legio rules, so may have to go back and take a look. One day I shall return to my 18th century Imagi-Nation project.

legatus hedlius said...

The words "slippery" and "slope" come to mind!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Legio (?) methinks I will have to "Google this"

More of an unashamedly and unabated "mud-slide of fun" towards Guildford Courthouse ;)

The Tarleton's Quarter link is superb
Once again thanks :)

Sean said...

Hey Geordie, it's the same link to the legio wargames rules that you posted in your first post on AWI. I'm notorious for shorthand and jargon.