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Notes to self for WWI Naval Historical Scenario: December 15/16th 1914, TheScarborough-Whitby-Hartlepool Raid

The Phases of Battle (Sequence of Play)

Stage 0: The Scenario Set-Up and Historical Conditions

German Forces:

1st Scouting Group:
  • Position: In Enemy Home Waters 
  • Mission: Bombardment (Hartlepool/Whitby/Scarborough)
  • Screening Force Cruiser/Destroyer (Alert)
  • Battle Cruisers Status (Alert)
  • Weakness: Dispersed Formation (Hartlepool, Whitby, Scarborough)
  • Incorrect Assumption: High Seas Fleet will stand and fight
High Seas Fleet:
  • Position: Distant Covering Force: Distant (Home Waters)
  • Screening Force (Alert)
  • Battle Squadrons (Complacent)
  • Weakness: "Do not engage superior forces order"
  • Weakness: Withdraw in face of superior or equal foe
German Intelligence: 

  • Weakness: Complacent, over confidence
  • Weakness: Assumption "No Battle Cruiser Force (BCF) or Grand Fleet (GF) at sea"
  • Zeppelins (Inactive)
  • Submarines (Inactive)

RN Forces

RN Intelligence: 
  • Status (Active)
  • Room 40 Advanced Warning of German Raid (Jellicoe)
  • Weakness: Thinks HSF in Jade
Early Interception Force Battle Cruiser Fleet (BCF): 
  • Position: Distant (Closing)
  • Screening Force Destroyers/Cruisers (Alert)
  • Battle Cruisers (Alert)
  • Restriction: "Do not enter enemy home waters order"
  • Special Ability: "Pursuit of 'Enemy Fleeing' override"
  • Weakness: Rashness "Close with enemy"
  • Weakness: Poor Signalling
Covering Force: Grand Fleet (GF):
  • Position: Distant (Closing) 
  • Screening Force Destroyers/Cruisers (Alert)
  • Battle Squadrons (Alert)
  • Weakness: Partial Deployment of 2nd Battle (Warrender) Squadron only
  • Weakness:  "Do not enter enemy home waters order"
  • Weakness: Submarine/Torpedo Trap Fear
  • Weakness: Mine Trap Fear
  • Weakness: "Do not needlessly endanger Grand Fleet"
Local Defense Force Land (Hartlepool):

  • Advantage: Heugh Battery Gun camouflage
  • Weakness: Complacent Status
  • Weakness: Recognition - German Ships Assumed RN
  • Local Defense Force Naval (Hartlepool)
  • Destroyer Patrol at Sea (Alert)
  • Cruiser Force in Harbour (Complacent)
  • Submarine Force in Harbour (Complacent
Stage 1: German Advanced Penetration
  • Forces Identified/Engaged 
  • Mission Start Point - Local Defense Activation
  • Naval Patrol (Destroyers)
  • Turn Restriction (Iterate) to Achieve Mission Objectives
    • Bombardment Damage Counting
    • Defensive Shore Battery Fire
    • Naval Force Escalation (Cruise/Submarine)
  • Cessation of Bombardment
Stage 2: The Chase
  • Initial Position - BCF Light Forces v 1SG Light Forces
  • Screening Rolls for Contact (Visual)
  • Strategic Map Positioning
  • Command Dice Activation
  • Tactical Map Positioning
  • Simultaneous Movement
  • Fate and Weaknesses
Stage 3: Tactical Engagement

Possible Outcomes of the The Engagement Phase
Repeat sequence until break out of loop
  • Fight/Movement
  • Force/Asset Commitment
  • Gunnery
  • Torpedo
  • Morale/Confusion Status
  • Tactical Orders
  • Tactical Movement
  • Break off (beyond visual contact)
Stage 4: Strategic Movement
  • Chance to Evade or to Escape
  • Return to The Chase Strategic Map
  • If no Escape (break contact) implies chance to Escalate or End of Strategic Play and game
  • Return to Stage 2: The Chase Screening Rolls for Contact (Visual)
To be continued: Solitaire Decision-Making Process considered  

Any comments or thoughts (including requests for more explanation) on the above appreciated ;)


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