Saturday, 12 September 2015

Space Marines go Forth : Episode 2 Part 1 "What Could Possibly Go Wrong with the Plan?"

"Plan? Plan? We have a Plan? When did we make a Plan?"

So it came to pass that the Red, Blue and Yellow teams launched themselves at Level 78 of the Space Hulk "Damnation". With an air of confidence they geared up with as many heavy weapons as they could get their clammy little Space Marine hands on, to "take-it" to Chaos. They were revved up and a little "hung-ho" IMHO. "Entry" seemed a relatively straight forward operation with the Blue Ultra Marines chalking up some grunt kills. Then Chaos released a maniac android on The Imperial Fists taking out a Space Marine in hand to hand combat (see below, ah ha "Gotcha"):

The bunched up Space Marines failed to take out the mechanised monster, so its killing spree continued and another Imperial Fist trooper fell in battle. The Emperor's Bodyguard was, er thinning fast (see below):

As before in so many times of crisis, Sergeant Heinikan stepped up and Mano-on-Mano took Android 870-123PHD6-1A out. "All hail to the Sergeant, all hail to the Chapter, all hail to the Emperor" (see below): 

Chaos has many followers, so the Ultra marines discovered. Another android and another Space Marine casualty, strike two. The Chaos underling (me) was starting to feel quite pleased with "itself" as a mischievous imp can be that is (see below):

Another deadly android and another Space Marine hero steps forward, Sergeant Kool of the Blue Team takes out Andriod 871-563MSC2-7C, fizz, drat, dang! I don't have many of these powerful minions left (see below):

It goes quiet for the next few turns. The Space Marines report that the Chaos enemy seems to have withdrawn back into the depths of the Space Hulk, as if it can no longer face the fury of the Space Marine assault. As the Blood Angels advance a surprise attack is launched and an Orc takes out a Red trooper with a lucky hit, evil laughter (see below):

Four Space Marines down and we are only in the opening phases of the game, the casualty body count is already more for Chaos than the whole of the previous game. The Chaos Commander, although only of the lowliest status (me) is looking a trifle smug. "OK you lucky green fingered tentacle see how you like this!" I abruptly turn about as I feel the piercing, cold, hard, steely eyes of the Ultra Marines Commander burning into me. His troops are already in a perfect position for a flanking attack on a corridor packed with Chaos grunts and things.

... to be continued in a microwave or two ....

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