Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Sea Project: Ideas Appreciated ...

I have a "new toy" of sorts (see below):

A naval game looms .. the only decision is whether is should be:
  • Ancients (new kit required, but I have always wanted to play Salamis with David Manly's Greek Fire and Roman Fury rules)
  • Napoleonic (time to bring out Avalon Hills "Wooden Ships and Iron Men" with a small squadron of British versus a mixed bag of French and Spanish)
  • World War One (General Quarters II, Dogger Bank or Jutland Battle Cruiser Clash)
  • World War Two (General Quarters II, Narvik [done once already] or Mediterranean, or even a "Convoy"?)
  • Modern (although this means I would need some new kit, but I always wanted to play Larry Bond's Harpoon)
Logic dictates that in the 100th year of Jutland it should be WWI, quite fitting as the corners are held down by Jutland books (and research wise a god excuse to try and sneak some of the new '2016' Jutland books in), but somehow Napoleonic seems so very, very tempting (lovely models to make).

Thoughts and ideas appreciated


Fraxinus said...

Definitly Napoleonioc for the modelling fun. What are General Quarters 2 rules like ...Ive painted a 1/3000 scale HMS Hood and have quite a few minis but have no clue as to the best 'playable' rules for my first foray into shipping...i dont want too much accounting!

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

That is a tough one to be sure but I have a few extra ideas for you. The Dutch Wars of the 17th century - loads of ships though! WW1 from the 'hunt the raiders' perspective - not as many ships and games that will be very tactical. The Spansih Civil War - now there is a period of naval activity that would certainly be worth taking a look at. The Balkan Wars - small forces and very asymmetrical.

The former could be 1/1200th (Navwar or Langton) or 1/2400th (Tumbling Dice) whilst the modern periods could all be furnished by Navwar.

I like the playing surface you have shown - any details?

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Fraximus,

I think you are spot on for the Napoleonic "urge". I think it will last to put together "another ship" as I find it enjoyable but exhausting when I get down to it

The ships can be delicate and at times when I am doing teh rigging I just want to "cry" :(

But it is worth it in the end

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks David,

Playing about with the playing surface and it seems to lend itself to individual slow moving actions. I think Napoleonic (I have Navwar 1/1200) deserve a try out.

Another thought that crossed my mind was 1/300 Skytrex coastal, the only issue I have is that the "board" may not be just big enough.

The origins of the "mat": It is not a commercial product but a 'leaving gift' to me from the commercial large format printers I used to work for. I never could convince them of the usefulness of making things that sold for less than several hundred "widgets" at a go.

Pity as every wargamer needs one, in several colours. Even better if you could make them interconnecting ;)

It is a nice light plastic, much better than poster paper.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

PS David, I am "working my way back" to the Dutch wars. My reading temporarily stopped at the Napoleonic period (trying to understand this "wind business" and "tacking")

I have eyed up the Armada and Dutch Wars fleets, thinking cheap and cheerful Navwar versus the Langton "works of art"

Napoleonic ships are one of the things I can never do as well as I want to, half way through I usually want to give up and cry. I put everything down, have a cup of tea and try and keep my sanity, then come back and think - that's not so bad ;)

Tumbling Dice may well be worth a look at