Saturday, 15 October 2016

Normandy 1944: Chain of Command Game at The Exiles (Part 2 of 2)

Things are looking a tad "dark and dangerous" for the Brits.

British perform a Dunkirk style tactical retreat (aka mad scramble away from the enemy, as quick as you can), with thankfully relatively effective and good defensive fire (courtesy of the Bren, it does have its merits in skilled hands or rather good dice) on both centre and southern areas, followed up with a "quick call" for reinforcements from the Third Squad in the north. Annoyingly for the Germans they are left rather pinned in the woods which somewhat stifles their creativity and means more of a rebuild option. (see below):

Germans try and hold it together in the middle and press on to push an advantage in the south but then started a rather hideous run of strange dice (and it was not just me getting the rules wrong this time. The British kept getting flip-flop rolls of double sixes on their "Chain of Command" dice. Once was good fortune, twice was laughing in the face of adversity but three consecutive times was like slapping the German Commander across the face. That way shock can really build up on the Germans (see below):

Bang it then just goes pear shaped for the Germans as the unwashed northerners storm the woods and the Germans take to flight which sends them straight through "friends" which does not help the German morale and cohesiveness situation. A German jump-off position is in dire danger on being overrun and that would be very bad for German Force morale (see below):

As German forces tend to do the Germans rally and counterattack which shocks the British but then the British Commander does his favourite flip-flop trick and a whole German squad and the senior German Commander disappears from the Axis Order of Battle, Definitely not good for the German Force morale (see below):

As the British recover it is clear that a "rout the enemy" is in progress. The best the Germans can do is to relocate a jump-off point (this is just putting off the inevitable) bu tas their force morale is really flagging, having e lost a whole squad and a host of officer types (well a NCO, Medic and Senior NCO), the best they can do is form an Alamo hunkered down in a salient (see below):

At this moment in time discretion seems to be the far, far better part of valour and the Germans quietly slip off the board so this one goes down as a British win.

Many thanks to "The Exiles" for their hospitality and generosity, as well as the good game. Hope I can stage another game sometime in the future,



Al said...

cool looking game mate

Phil said...

Nice looking game!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Al and Phil

Good to see "The Old Gang" (TOG) aka The Exiles and they played in "the same ok#ld Grand manner" I remember so well from them

I thought the game went well and "pretty"

Note: It was an introduction to Chain of Command so it did not convey its full colour so to speak however it certainly did the job on the night and got a result