Thursday, 27 October 2016


Just cracked open this starter level X-Wings game (only about ten years after everybody else around me had played it and raved about it). So I invited some old school friends around for some drinks and crisps and "had a ball" introducing them to "playing with toy (space) soldiers". Despite my best efforts the Rebel Scum won (no prises for guessing I was a TIE Fighter pilot) quite convincingly in fact, despite my intense cribbing of the rules (see below for some head-to-head lazer action):

The X-Wing YouTube video tutorials kicked things off nicely:

The key moment of the night came down to my TIE strike on the last remaining (battered) X-Wing with no shields remaining and only two hull points. I rolled good and he rolled poor dodging so I had two critical hits (see below, evil laughter "Ha, ha, I have you now"):

Except I manage to draw two critical hits that "cause no damage" but restrict his moves. I then soon disappeared in a blinding flash of light .... oh dear!

In short TIE Fighters need shields (kinda like a Japanese Zero fighter, fast and slinky but prone to exploding), X-Wings are like P-47 Thunderbolts and Y-Wings are like IL-2 Flying Tanks (much respect for that Trench Run on the Death Star boys). Looking forward to the next game, naturally I need more up-gunned 'baddy' models ;)

Note to self: Advanced TIE Fighter (see Darth Vader's) is equipped with Shields! A must have Xmas present for Santa's list


Monty said...

Sounds great, Geordie; I've been looking at this bloody game for ages, but never dived in...may do now and recruit the wife for a blast off!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

You won't regret it Monty

The one bit of advice I have been given is (unless you want to be a competition gamer and there are tournaments where you can build up "killer squads" for the rule set) stick to the first series as it gives a very balanced (fun game) aka the first three films.

Stuff that is outside the films just seems to be "playing with factors" (and your wallet)

For me I added another X-Wing and Y-Wing (I love that bird, aka the Fairy Battle of Star Wars, gotta be brave or insane to fly one) to spice up the dog fight. The Empire needs Darth (in his Advanced TIE Fighter) and you gotta Han Solo .. after that it's game complete as far as I am concerned ;)