Thursday, 29 June 2017

Airfix Lego Planes Flypast

I know they are kind of big (1/48+ scale) but they do make me smile (see below):

All for the kids (of course). The Me-109 and Spitfire £4.99 each from a Charity Shop. The Spitfire was a replacement for an earlier one that "got lost". The BAE Hawk Trainer (the plabe in black at the back) was £2 from a "car  boot sale". Mega bargain.

Note: From the same "car boot sale" I restrained myself from acquiring seven 1/1000 WW2 IJN Yamato Battleships .. part of me still thinks it was an 'opportunity lost' rather that a 'sensible head' on for once. Maybe it was the fact I could not sneak them into the house without the rest of the family "seeing me"!


Tim Gow said...

You passed on the seven Yamatos? Have you learned nothing from me?

Paul Liddle said...

They're really nice.

Monty said...

Bloody good stuff!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

For a kid to get into modelling I think they are a fantastic start

PS Tim, When I saw the Yamato and her six sisters I thought of you .. even for spare parts, but unless you were thinking fictional what if there was no 1922 Washington Naval Teart .. I have two already (Yamato and Mushashi)

We both know it was the right call!