Thursday, 25 April 2013

Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) T70 Light Tanks

I simply could not stop myself, there were too many seductive blog postings complementing the Plastic Soldier Company on their T70's, so I got a packet (see below): 

They are brilliant, the kit fits together like a dream, have cool tank crew members (turret commander and driver) giving three dramatically different versions for a lovely variety of poses. The assembly time was literally measured in minutes. One construction tip if/when you use the driver figure, 'trial' the turret carefully with it as you have to let the gun rest in a slightly elevated position to be able to traverse over the driver's hatch cleanly. I made a mistake on my first model but luckily I could easily switch turrets with another model.


They also fit it well with my existing two resin T70's from Britannia Miniatures [aka the ones already base-coated in Russian Green] (see below):

The above gives me in Command Decision/Spearhead terms a Battalion HQ tank and two light tank companies, a third light tank company can be made from two T60's (see below, Britannia Miniatures resin kits) I also have to make a full light tank battalion (1942/43/44). Alternatively it's a strong T70 troop for skirmish level "reconnaissance" games.

I just keep hoping that the Plastic Soldier Company keeps pumping out these kits. My wish list of future kits would be:
  • (British version) M3 Honey .. why doesn't Revell release this old Matchbox kit?
  • (US version) M5 Stuart (as in teh sloping armour upgrade of the M3)
  • Cromwell (OK, there are a lot of them about now but I know they will make a nice job of it and would probably give a 95mm Centaur version as well)
  • German Panzer 35t
In the meantime I intend to get more of their existing range, as I seem to be having something of a 20mm WWII Renaissance at the moment


J.M. Murray said...

PSC have some innovative stuff.

You made a nice job on those Geordie.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks however they are still less than half way finished as they are naked plastic at the moment

When they are painted, decalled and varnished then they are finished ;)

Fraxinus said...

agree about the re release of the old matchbox Honey...found a couple in the loft was a great kit. PSC kits look good will 'repair' my battered Russian army (lots of Britannia models which need tracks re glued)& add a few of these

Paul said...

Bravo on these Geordie! I am very jealous about these fine models.

The Hasegawa Stuarts although a little big scale wise are still quite available if push comes to shove.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

When I saw them I just had to buy them Paul, even if the family were eating stale crusts of bread (no that was me when I was caught putting them together)

M3 Stuart:
Hasagawa are big and part of my 1/72 US Tunisian forces (I have a three tank light tank company) to go with a M3 Lee Medium tank company (but given the prices I have seen Hasagawa kits at lately I will pass on any more)

My British Western Desert "two" Honies are desperately seeking a third to make up to a company strength

Al said...

Lovely, I have some but left them in NZL when I moved here :(

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


You left some toys behind?
Sarge says "We don't leave anyone behind"

Well the good news is that the Internet means you can always get some more :)

Al said...

lol mate