Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Delium BC 424 : Part V (The Athenian Right Wing Collapses)

As written in the fates the left wing Athenian cavalry perish, this brings the Athenian left wing to 75% demoralisation, one more stand and its use as an effective fighting force is gone. It is use it or lose it time for these Athenians (see below)

Meanwhile on the Athenian right wing another round of epic cavalry battling is enacted (see below):

With disastrous results for the Athenians as their bellowed "light horse" (on which the Athenian C-in-C had very high hopes) perishes, bring the Athenian left wing to 50% of its demoralisation total (see below):

All four wing combats had gone awry for the Athenians. As a measure of his stoic composure the Athenian C-in-C showed no signs (outwardly) of being ruffled and merely dressed his hoplite lines into a long contiguous front, very impressive (see below)

The Theban's sensing more blood came hard and fast against the Athenian right wing again (see below):

However this time the Athenian cavalry was up to the task and regained some of its former prestige. The Athenians repulsed the Theban attack and then drew back into a better defensive position (see below):

The Athenian C-in-C lined his hoplites "eyeball to eyeball" with their Theban adversaries, enticing them to "blink" and come off the hill. Indeed the Theban command was split on what to do next but the wishes of the C-in-C held sway and they waited not wanting to forgo the defensive advantages of their position (see below): 

Meanwhile the Theban Psilio set upon the Athenian camp but were rudely awakened from their thoughts of an easy victory by the Athenian "baggage handlers, camp followers and cooks" that vigorously defended their camp possessions (see below):

Note: This was rather unexpected from the DBA novices who had never seen a camp sacked (or attempted to) before.

To the accompaniment of a chorus of jeering Athenian laughter the Theban Psilio are successfully repulsed (this time), but as there is no immediate "rescue or relief operation" in place their ultimate fate may merely be a matter of time (see below):  

Next: There must be an Athenian "Plan B" but what is it?


Monty said...

Love it, Geordie - great stuff!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Monty

It was a good one to watch and caused a lot of thought provoking stuff with just a few bits going on

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