Monday, 8 April 2013

WWII "Fire and Movement" - Battalion Attack Game - A Tour of the Terrain

The basic clear battle board with coloured card marking the terrain features (see below):
  • Dark Green : Woods
  • Dark Brown : Farm Complex
  • Light Brown : Ridge Line

Basic card mounted on thick box cardboard and painted with the appropriate colours (see below):

Quantum jump to the terrain as it is landscaped (see below):

Yes, I have no shame, the children's Lego box is raided to represent some simple farm houses (see below): 

Trying to get the 3D perspective at a slight angle (see below):

A close-up on the "island" of randomly generated terrain (a farm complex hid amongst woods). The bottom right hex is looks an Achilles heel to the defender as it potentially is a hidden rout into the "island" (see below):

Across to the left of the "island" are the open 'killing fields', a albeit small protective copse of woods and two small ridges to the far distant horizon (see below):

The battle board from the defenders baseline perspective (see below):

A final look at the "farm complex" on the "island" (see below):

All that is missing is the troops and an opponent ;)


Prufrock said...

It's really starting to take shape now. Looking good!

Monty said...

It is looking good,can't wait to see it up and running - great stuff.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks for the comments
The game commences ;)