Friday, 12 April 2013

(Part 3 of 3) "Fire and Movement" - "Battalion Attack" : First Rules Outing

With the assault "stuck in the mud" the British infantry found itself perilously close to "fresh" German infantry platoons who did not hesitate to conduct three vicious close assault counter attacks. This time the dice rolled high as the British infantry caught in the open and suffered nine brutal casualty points (see below):    

With existing casualty points that meant the removal of another two British platoons, the British attack was now "gone" (see below): 

As "spent forces" cannot move (and in a controversial move) the British commander retreated the HMG platoon off table while it could rather it becoming "another casualty (see below the "missing" stand from the hill). Both remaining British platoons pull back towards the baseline but are then trapped in a withering crossfire from the German left hand side company. The additional casualties mean that one more stand is lost and the other is "spent" (see below):  .

The Germans then close in on the pinned (aka "spent") British platoon with the right hand side company. The hapless British platoon can only flip back itself back to its "fresh" status before the assault comes is. Caught in the open the British platoon is 'murdered' sustaining six casualties breaking it and ending the game (see below):

The final situation stood at four German platoons being the only troops left on the map at the end of the game (earning 4 VP) plus eight British Platoons had broken in fire combat (earning an additional 8VP) for a grand total of 12 VP for the Germans, versus the two German platoons broken (earning 2VP) but no German baseline hexes occupied, hence for the British for a Grand Total of 2 VP. 

A clear margin of victory for the Germans who are in undisputed control of the board suffering. They suffered 33% losses that means the German battalion commander is rushing much needed reinforcements to this sector in advance of another Allied attack.  

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