Sunday, 31 March 2013

Delium BC 424 : Part IV (The Mounting Crisis)

With the untimely death of their fellow Psilio, the remaining Athenian light infantry on the Athenian left sought the protection of the heavy Athenian hoplite infantry (see below):  

The situation was still fluid on the Athenian right wing. True, the outnumbered Athenian Psilio were now retiring, but the cavalry dance was still in play and the Athenian C-in-C was still looking for an opportunity to exploit the multi-move potential of his light horse (see below): 

The Theban general however cannily kept the Athenian light horse locked down with an enemy unit of cavalry within its "Zone of Control" ZOC (see below):

Precipitously the Athenian left wing commander (not the overall Athenian C-in-C) unilaterally thinks the time has come to try and force the outcome with hoplites in the middle of the battlefield as he has a small tactical 'evener' with the supporting Psilio now overlapping the Theban right on the hill. If he could turn the Theban flank then hill or no hill victory was still a possibility (see below):

The Athenian C-in-C is torn as there is still no clear winner on his right hand side flank. The Theban light infantry are advancing, hell bent of killing their Athenian counterparts but the Athenian cavalry could still "win the day" (see below)

He does not advance his hoplites, perhaps this "none move" could serve as an effective ruse to bring the Thebans off that "hill"?

Meanwhile the moment of truth has come for the Athenian cavalry (see below). In addition the Theban light Psilio seem much more interested in pillaging oot from the Athenian baggage train than assisting their static hoplites.

The Athenians gave a pause for some serious thought: 
  • Athenian left wing: 2 Stands lost (with a third in deadly peril), 50% to demoralisation
  • Athenian right wing: 1 Stand lost, 25% to the demoralisation total
Athenian army breakpoint is currently 25% (3 out of the 12 required) and against the above tally their have been no Theban casualties inflicted.

The Athenian right wing is in crisis. When outnumbered (as per the above cavalry) and with only one "recoil space" between you and your own baseline this is generally not a good position to be in. That stand can only be thought of as already lost, but "what" can you do in the time available before that happens?

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David said...

Interesting to follow

In refighting the battle I think you could have discounted psiloi and cavalry losses though

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello David,

Well pointed out

Yes I know the battle was basically a hoplite only affair but I felt I had to give the players the full range of options

It may of better suited a DBM two small (insignificant wings) and a main hoplite command but that is a step further along the learning curve the players are/were currently at

Scenario wise perhaps I should have tweaked down the Psilio and Cavalry to one per wing for both sides (to avoid the wing demoralising the centre effect)

Best Wishes