Sunday, 3 March 2013

Battalion Attack: Fire and Movement - Board Part II

The individual hexagons are laid out and "roughly outlined" for the 8 x 4 (48 hex) grid (see below): 

With hexagons removed a "new grid" is revealed (see below):

This outline is thickened out with acrylic craft paint, purchased from a "bargain" shop (see below). Note: nothing 'expensive' is intentionally being used for this "junk art" project.

The hexagons get a green acrylic craft paint "work over" (see below):

The overall effect is not displeasing.The borders of the hexagons now have a brown outline and the hexagons themselves are now raised slightly proud (see below):

A final touch of tinkering was to drop some green/brown flock (again something that was spare and to hand than purchased explicitly for the project ) on a lighter shade of some wet green paint. The infamous model railway sprinkle effect (see below):

This constitutes a lose "Stage One"of the project, with the hexagons now needing to be stuck in place.

Next: "Boys Toy" the glue gun and more tinkering with flocking material

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