Friday, 29 March 2013

Delium BC 424 : Part II (Clash of Arms)

On the left cavalry wing the Athenian 'feels lucky' and 'wants to get on with it' (must be Alcibiades leading from the front) and charge to contact, all they need now is 'good dice' (see below): 

However all that happens is a stand off as the horses are "locked in melee" (see below):

In the subsequent round the Thebans score a telling blow on the Athenian Light Horse (alas for Alcibiades a promising career cut short, but perhaps in the long run it would have been all the better for Athens). First blood to Thebes (see below):

The light s are also now within 'insult throwing and rude gesticulations' range but not combat (see below):

Over on the Athenian right flank the lights close to combat as the cavalry "dance" (see below):

The lights on the left flank 'bounce' in and out of a bloodless first round of combat (see below):

The posturing has stopped, the Athenians have been unsuccessful in the initial cavalry skirmish but there are three other light/wing battles still to resolve.

What will the Athenians do next? Continue at the edges or try and force the issue in the middle?

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