Thursday, 21 March 2013

Battalion Attack: Fire and Movement - Board Part VI (Terrain Generation)

One of the interesting aspects of "Fire and Movement" is the random terrain generation, with each hexagon having a one in six chance of being occupied with a terrain piece (see below):
  • Green equals Woods
  • Orange equals Ridges/Low Hills
  • Black equals Farm 

Like all generated schemes, it seems to inevitably produce a much 'stranger' set-up (but who is to say that is not more realistic) than the 'aesthetic' wargamers-eye terrain placement.

The defender then chooses which baseline to defend and in this case the German player chooses the bottom. Why? Two thirds of the defensible terrain is there (as the defender can deploy up to and including half way in) and it also denies the attacker the luxury of the two orange ridge lines/low hills being used as a fire base for HMG overhead fire.

The above set-up seems to suggest the British are attempting an outflanking manoeuvre to the (their) left of a more heavily wooded sector. The open farmland poses its own problems.

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Crikey, now its getting complicated!