Thursday, 14 March 2013

Battalion Attack: Fire and Movement - Board Part V

The mysterious "glue gun" revealed (not as you may have thought, a reference to a non-lethal urban crowd control mechanism but a method of sticking cardboard together) and waiting for its first hexagon. Seeing as the tip of the "glue gun" can reach a temperature of 200 degrees centigrade it should be handled with fair bit of care (see below):

The "glue gun" ammo, two "glue sticks" (see below):

The finale, hexagons laid out ready to be finally glued in place, the first row done (see below):

Trial layout, taking the attacking "British Infantry Battalion" + "HMG Support" out of the box and putting it against the defending "Two German Infantry Companies" (see below):

The British infantry stands on the black (off table) would be deemed "in reserve" allowed to come on from any British baseline "hex". Missing are company designations and markers to denote "fresh" and "spent" status. Also missing id terrain other than the default "open" fields

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Phil said...

Nicely done!