Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Battalion Attack: Fire and Movement - Board Part IV

So ... this is what I should have done in the first place, hexagons pointing up (long grain as per 'rice'[?], see below):

Seeing as I had painted out a  completely different sized board it seemed such a darned pity to 'waste' a useful game board by covering it up again, hence I transferred the hexagons to an alternative 'fresh' board (see below):

The new board got two coats of undercoat black (see below), a darkish brow/black house hold matt paint we (as in the family) had inherited after moving in to the new house. It was the leftover paint for a wall that was top of the list to paint another colour. I had silently spied out this colour for a' wargame' use a long time ago and now Maitland this was your time, sorry getting a little carried away.

The forlorn, but useful hexagaons are stacked in a quiet corner (see below): 

This was also the perfect opportunity while the black/brown under coat was drying to seal up the edges of the hexagons a brownish colour, I had noticed an annoyingly small amount of white showing through in the original set-up (see below, hexagons left to dry over night): 

Then a trail run. Do they fit? There is a slight overhang to the left but I can live with that (see below):

Next: Sticking it down "again" (or should I say "hopefully stuck down and staying down this time")


Prufrock said...

Looking good! Very interesting to follow your progress with this, and great to see your. Just one thing though, If I were you I would think seriously getting a slightly bigger board. After putting all this effort into it you might regret it if you leave the overhang; but then again, you might not!


Paul said...

A real labour of love Geordie. Well done for sticking to the course.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Time will tell if I regret the 'slight' overhand (gnashing and wailing if I bust the three overhanging hexagons - yes I can see it coming too)

However I am assuming this is a "prototype" so there may yet be small/major modifications to come

Paul it ain't quite finished yet as I have to retell the adventures I had with the glue gun ;)