Saturday, 30 March 2013

Delium BC 424 : Part III (Fateful Combat)

The Thebans aggressively came forward on the Athenian left (see below):  

And the Athenian right (see below):

A series of shattering defeats shocked the Athenian C-in-C as first the Athenian Psilio on the right hand side died (see below): 

Followed by the Athenian left wing cavalry being mercilessly pushed back (see below):

And a stand of Athenian left wing Psillio also dying (see below):

Three combats, two defeats and a recoil. The only sensible move left for the Athenian is to "back off" on the Athenian left wing and 'fight to win' elsewhere (see below).

What is there an Athenian Plan B?

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