Thursday, 28 February 2013

1940 3rd/4th German Panzer Division 1/200 (Part I: The Panzer Brigade)

The Third and Fourth Panzer Divisions attacked through Belgium and Holland. They fought the French 2nd and 3rd DLM in the Gembloux Gap.They were "light" in the numbers of Pz III and Pz IV's containing a high proportion of the Pz I and Pz II models. Hearing that I knew it was a wargaming project must (in 1/200).

The Armoured Element:

The 1940 German Panzer Brigade of a Panzer Division, see below reading from top to bottom:
  • Panzer Brigade HQ
  • Panzer Regiment HQ x 2
  • Panzer Battalions x 4

The Panzer Brigade's fighting "manoeuvre elements", the Panzer Battalions (x 4), see below reading left to right:
  • Light Company x 2 [4 Tanks each, total 8]
  • HQ Element x 1 [2 Tanks]
  • Medium Company x 1 [4 Tanks]
14 Tanks in total

Panzer Regiment HQ (1) see below:
  • Pz Bef I x 1
  • Pz II (Recon) x 1

Panzer Regiment HQ (2) see below:
  • Pz Bef I x 1
  • Pz II (Recon) x 1

The anatomy of the Panzer Battalion (Note: All "company" formations multiplied by four):

The Medium Company (see below):
  • Pz IIIE (37mm) x 2
  • Pz IVD (short 75mm) x 2

Light Company (1) see below:
  • Pz I x 2
  • Pz II x 2

Light Company (2) see below:
  • Pz I x 2
  • Pz II x 2

Battalion HQ Company (see below):
  • Pz I Bef
  • Pz II (Recon)

Back up at the top of the food chain the Panzer Brigade HQ:
  • Command HQ Stand x 1
  • Hanomag 251/10 x 1 

In total 60 Tanks (each stand represents between 4-6 actual tanks, about a fighting strength of 300+) which in 1940 is a lot of armoured fire power!


yorkie said...

Nice stuff, i like the bases, the rutts? look simple yet effective, nice one.


Whisperin Al said...

Interesting - will be following this project closely!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Yorkie, I think it was worth the effort

Al, have panzer division, will travel, especially since I already have a 1/200 French DLM too

An old Exile reunion "Grand Day Out" would be a fabulously good thing