Thursday, 21 February 2013

Painting 1/200th British Infantry (Continued)

The painting tray still has a collection of those small 1/200 army men on it, my third 1940 BEF Battalion.

Base high light brown:

Flocking on some static grass:

Paint the British helmets green (Vallejo Russian Green and then mix in a bit of Yellow for a highlight). Some spares:
  • 2 x Vickers HMG Stands, 1 x Command Stand, 1 x Mortar Stand, 1 x Bren Section Stand

British infantry battalion OOB:
  • 12 Infantry Stands, 1 Mortar Stand, 1 Engineer Stand, 1 Carrier Stand,1 HQ Stand

The painted stands for the Battalion Attack get a retrospective "Green Helmet":
  • 12 x Infantry Stands, 1 x HMG Vickers Stand

That just leaves one more battalion to retrospectively paint "Green Helmets" onto (currently in the loft). Then next stage is to assemble and paint the BEF1940 Infantry Brigade support stands.


Paul said...

Hi Geordie, those spares would fit in nicely as a Machine Gun Battalion Company attached to Brigade.

Nice work all around.

Monty said...

Blimey - well done, Geordie!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

You read my mind Paul,it works out as a Vickers HMG per battalion something by 1944 which had been devolved down to the battalion as a matter of course

Monty I'm glad you liked them it's high time my 1/200th collection came out to play

It seems to have suddenly "grown" courtesy of eBay just recently