Saturday, 2 February 2013

Renaissance Battle: Hussites versus Maximilian (Part 3)

The Maximilian General gives an audible sigh of relief as finally, after what seemed to be an age of disordered movement, the Maximilian Pike finally "gets in" (see below, top middle for the 'heroic' Maximilian pike):

The odds were calculated at (the attacking Maximilian at five dice versus the defending Hussites at six [slight advantage to the defenders] - however post match analysis revealed that should have been actually eight to six [slight advantage to the attackers], but in the heat of the battle 'some things get missed', "cest la guerre"). The result was a "locked in melee" situation. Meanwhile the "better" (as in upgraded) Maximilian Pike Block was zeroing in on the Hussite "heavy ordnance" (see below,top left). Note: The terrain to the right of the heavy cannon is actually "impassable" which will cause me much grief later on (see below, top middle) as I have inadvertently aligned to clip it and unlike "other terrain" impassable is what it "says on the tin".     

In the background the Maximilian General pulled the heavy cavalry in from the wings as a backstop to the infantry attack on the center. You never know when you will need a "counter-punch" to get you out of trouble. First the Germanic Men-At-Arms (see above, bottom right) negotiated some rough ground (Note: In Impetus if you base only clips by less than half a base width you ignore its terrain effects as the troops are deemed to 'flow round' the bad bits, it puts a stop to "geometric battlefield tinkering"). Secondly the Maximilian Burgundian Knights moved up behind the engaged "Pike v Wagonburg" melee (see below, bottom middle) as an "insurance" policy against the remaining Hussite cavalry (Knights). Also "missing" from below is the left Trained Band of Harqubusiers, who have succumbed to Wagonburg "ranged fire".

(Hussite and Maximilian break points now level at three points each)

Not caught on camera before the "disappeared" were my victorious mounted crossbowmen (who 'were placed' top right in the picture below). The mounted crossbowmen closed in to the Hussite war wagon on the extreme left of the Hussite line of battle, "drawing fire" away from the Maximilian Pike Block (seen from the Maximilian left point of view below) who were closing in to engage the Hussite heavy canon. Another "bricks and bottle attack" from the war wagon and a bad dice roll on my part, despite the somewhat desperate attempt to evade, nevertheless saw them "meet their maker".

(Maximilian break points 4, Hussite 3)

Then "it" happened, a huge turning point in the game. The Hussite "King" was committed. Fearing for the sake of the Wagonburg under attack the Royal Knights jumped through a Wagonburg (that's why those armoured wagons are so nasty they allow passage of lines to friendly forces to allow these types of counterattacks) turned to angle into the flank of the Maximilian Pike Block. The "flank" being the killing factor here as if the Pike loses the combat, er it dies (alas see below):

Again after a recount I was probably two or three dice down on what I should have thrown, but my rolls were poor and the Hussite rolled good.

(Maximilian break points 8, Hussite 3)

The "Hussite King" is now in control of the battlefield (see below).

Time to call in that Maximilian Heavy Cavalry"insurance" policy" methinkds

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