Thursday, 31 January 2013

Renaissance Battle: Hussites versus Maximilian (Part 2)

The Infantry Attack:

In the center of the battlefield the opening rounds of the infantry confrontation began as the Maximilian skirmish Harquebusiers moved forwards, taking stock and careful aim at the "impossible to miss but improbably hard to hurt" mass of the Hussite Wagonburgs (see below):

Unfortunately the rash actions of these skirmishers above brought about their doom as a volley of 'opportunity fire' from said Wagonburgs came back with interest. Being within 'one measuring stick' of the enemy, the really bad news was that the Wagonburg attack constituted "various" anti-personnel weapon types (meaning I got to be on the receiving end of six dice in return to my paltry two in this simultaneous exchange).

The result was the "mysterious case of the disappearing skirmisher" (see below) as the locally dubbed "bricks and bottle" attack ripped them to pieces.

(1 break point against the Maximilian army)

These Wagonburgs are nasty beasts, the only thing in the Maximilian arsenal that looked like it stood a chance of "shifting them" was the much vaunted Maximilian Pike Block.

Next the Maximilien "Trained Harquebusier's" moved to a flanking position (see below, top left) and survived a ranged weapon exchange with another Wagonburg. Not caught on camera was a Hussite experimental tactic of  using a unit of Knights in an attempt to draw fire from the Maximilian heavy artillery piece away from the Wagonburgs (as heavy artillery love firing at Wagonburgs - rolling six dice even at long range). "Sad rolls" (for the Hussite, I tried my best to hide the Maximilian relief, nay glee) saw the Knights catch a casualty (therefore losing its Impetus and taking an edge off its offensive capability, the Hussite commander was gambling on just getting a disorder). Meanwhile the Maximilian Pike made slow headway under the ranged light artillery fire from the Wagonburgs. Push, push, push forward in disorder in the only way the Maximilian Pike know how to attack. Early days but the attack plan 'seems' to be holding together (ahem, famous last words).

Although technically still part of the Maximilian attack plan, my second unit of skirmishers (crossbowmen) die valiantly in the process of screening my 'upgraded' Pike Block from the attentions of the Hussite heavy ordnance.

(Therefore the slate is now 2 break points against the Maximilian Army). 

Both Pike Blocks are now looking somewhat "naked and exposed" to the elements (see below).

The Cavalry Battle is Concluded: 

Finishing off those Hussite Knights who were "pinned in a totally hopeless position" unexpectedly took quite some time. So much so that the Maximilian mounted crossbowmen, rather than dashing off to do harm elsewhere, were forced to lend a much needed helping hand

(Note to self: These "mounted crossbowmen" are very useful chaps to have on your side, classed as "lights" with that annoyingly fast "12 move", they can "evade", are "missile armed" and having that much sought after "Impetus combat value" to pitch in and help an ongoing melee or scare pure skirmishers away. Almost too good to be true, best check that their abilities have not been "overstated" by said Maximilian general) 

The mounted crossbowmen had to perform a "slide-slip" and thus ended up coming in disordered, but their extra dice probably tipped the balance as my combat dice rolling was not brilliant. 

However after another round of fierce combat the brave Hussites Knights passed away, in effect having been little more than a lengthy "diversion sign" (perhaps harsh) but failing to inflict nothing in return bar a couple of temporary disorders to mark a 'wake' of their passing (see below):

That made it 3 breaks points against the Hussite army, so overall: Hussite 3 (Break at 13) - Maximilian 2 (Break at 11) - still too close to call.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the battlefield: The Pike Blocks wee closing in on "that line" of Wagonburghs.

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