Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Renaissance Battle: Hussites versus Maximilian (Part 1)

On learning that a '300' point Hussite Impetus wargaming army had descended on the good people of Hartlepool a Maximilian relief force was dispatched from North Yorkshire. The hoard of Hussites (or should that read "wagon park") arrayed itself thus (see below) bringing fear and dread to the townsfolk.

All told:
  • Four War wagons(!)
  • Three units of Knights (one with General attached)
  • An artillery piece behind a cunning fortification 
The "Master of Hussites" secured his right flank with impassable terrain (just out of camera shot), with rough ground also to the left and right of his main battle line. Note: no need of a "Camp" for the Hussites. I deployed a fourth (optional) piece of impassable terrain to the left of his battle line, with the intention of "pinning him into a defensive mindset". To which he replied "Thanks you have just secured my flanks", hmm, both generals getting apparently they both wanted.

My Maximilian Italian Renaissance Army deployed thus (see above):
  • A central artillery piece, flanked either side by a "Pike Block" (Note: Only one base of rear support, 'quantity' was deemed to count for more than 'quality' in this battle)
  • Screened to the front by Harquebusiers and Crossbowmen in a thin skirmish line (two units)
  • A sleeve of "Trained Shot" again to the right and left flanks 
  • The left wing of horse is block of Knights (with General attached)
  • The right a 'deep' formation of Men-At-Arms supported by a unit of (light) mounted crossbowmen.
Note to self: A beautiful (borrowed) camp sits behind the Maximilian army (I need to paint myself a decent camp scene or two up from my Irregular Miniatures camp followers acquired at SmoggyCon last year).

The Maximilian force advanced "zulu" style with the wings (horns of the buffalo) running ahead of the slower moving Pike Blocks with the intention of laying down a hail of covering fire. Note: On reflection here I lost out on five, possible ten inches of movement here as the Hussites are an artillery heavy force so there was no place to hide. Disorder would soon be the "normal state" and the Pike best "suck in air through its teeth" and press on to seal the matter in hand-to-hand combat.  

The right hand side wing of horse and trained shot are cautiously eying a Hussite unit of Knights just out of camera shot (see above, top right). My mounted crossbowmen are screening the Men-At-Arms and Trained Shot as the former (in their cumbersome formation) angled themselves to what they thought would be an advantageous tactical position (fingers crossed).

The Hussite Knights tried to 'intimidate' the mounted crossbowmen, whom evaded in slippery style and enticed the Knights once again to come forward another bound. If the Knights passed a discipline test they would stand a very good chance of running these elusive light horsemen down. Instead they failed, laying in in a state of tepid disorder, directly in the path of my Germanic Men-At-Arms (that deep formation doesn't feel so cumbersome now) and even better it was now the Maximilian turn.

The MAA need  no second asking and they are off to the races, but a good Hussite discipline test dice roll mean that the Hussite Knights, though in a perilous position, take a casualty and "hang on" (see above). The MAA formation makes me burn "my one dice of destiny" as they roll terrible on the discipline test, but pass on the re-roll.

The focus of attention now drifts back onto the infantry attack in the center! 


Docsmith said...

Great little armies. Don't think I've seen a 28mm Hussite one before. I like the look of the Hussite battle wagons!


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I did have to ask my learned opponent, who were the Hussites and why are they in those wagons?

The answers being Germanic Czech and the wagons were because of rthe dreaded Steppe Light Horse

James Brewerton said...

great stuff I have a huge 10mm Hussite army to paint up for warmaster ancients

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Huge must mean a lot of Wagonburgs!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Editorial correction:

The Hussite "Master of Wagonburgs" has informed me that the Wagonburg was more of an anti-heavy cavalry/Knight design, it just happened to be rather good against the Asiatic light horseman as well

Just as well I didn't "have a go at it" with my Mounted Men-At-Arms after all or even Burgundian Knightsfor for that matter