Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs (well "lizardmen")

A surprise project! Ahem, alert fantasy ... on the painting tray. 

An unexpected arrival for 2013. I have acquired a bucketful of "oldish" Games Workshop Lizardmen (see below):

Your classic "tin of goodies" being discarded from the depths of my local wargames club's shelves. Not an army as such but odd bits, mostly plastic but some metals. A selection of figure types are shown below:   

The aim is to let my kiddies paint them with me, put on some bright colours suitable for reptiles and wash them dark with inks, let them settle down and highlight at my leisure, unless the kids steal them as extra "baddies" for their Star Wars Lego adventures. This chap below has shades of "Jabba the Hut", although I do have to find (or make) an "arm" from the pile of discards. All part of the fun of the hobby.

Even the basic GW Lizardman foot soldier has a certain charm (see below):

There are certainly enough of them to tear apart a low level party of adventurers (evil DM laughter fades ...), the smaller ones being ideal substitute for small "Kobolds" (carrying poisonous blow-pipes ... more evil DM laughter).   


Monty said...

Good acquisition, Geordie ;)

Arquinsiel said...

Those are a smidge more than "oldish" really. By GW standards they're downright geriatric now. Most current players will never have seen them. Not a bad find, if you're into that sort of thing. The old froggy Slann has a certain charm.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

All "grist to the mill" for experimentation on the painting tray

More of an appeal for D&D than anything else methinks .. a quick kill on a first level party ... (and cheaper than the latest figures for "The Hobbit" from Games Workshop - as all it cost me was a £10 donation to club funds)

peter said...

Painted some myself, and I find them fun to do!