Tuesday, 5 February 2013

February Painting Tray: More 1/200 British Infantry (Skytrex)

These were collected some time ago now, but bless them, the little chaps have been calling at me ever since I quickly rustled up the Vickers HMG for the "Fire and Movement, Battalion Attack" game I am (still) planning. (Note: Am I the only one out there that hears 'little lead people' talking to them?)  

It may seem a tad overkill but I am using Vallejo paints (British Uniform Green 70921, Khaki Grey 70880 and Khaki 70988) to colour them up. The figures themselves had been previously painted but it is in my nature to 'unnecessarily' repaint second hand stuff when I get them,if at least just to fit in with the existing collection. The figures were became liberally splattered with the "basing brown" as I based them (cardboard 40mm squares and "tooth-brushed" modelling clay) so I applied a fairly watered down (three parts water to one part paint) Anita's Acrylic Metallic Black  to give the creases a little depth.

The plan is, "when I finish" these is to then go and pop back to complete my Platoon 20, WWII metals (A HMG , Mortar section and some odds and sods), started ages ago .. with the intention of putting a Crossfire Scenario on.Hmm, I seem to have had lots of intentions ;)

Footnote: I should add these are the final "infantry bits" (as in the third battalion) of a 1940 British BEF Infantry Brigade I am basing up for Spearhead/BGC. The 25pdr field guns, two pounder ATguns, Bofor 40mm AA guns, motorised transport and MkVI Light Tanks are patiently waiting their turn :)  


Tim Gow said...

It sounds like you have plenty of scales on the go currently. There are fiver different scales in progress on my own table...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Ah,you got me Tim (lol)

I do "try" to choose a scale for a period but there has been "drift", ex my WWII "Land" batting was supposed to be clearly distinct ...

20mm WWII (anything and everything)

1/200 WWII (was supposed to be early war up to 1941 Europe but an eBay acquisition made me "break this golden rule" pushing me into 1944/45 Western Front, 30 XXX perhaps?)

1/300 WWII (was supposed later war Europe (just started) and Western Desert .. still in my mind's eye)

There is a 15mm Tiger Tank, but my daughter bought me that as a birthday present so it has to stay

Mojo said...

Just in case you need some more 1/200 Skytrex stuff:
I read at the guild forums that Skytrex are closing down their wargaming business.
The lines are to be sold, but it could take quite a while till they are up for sale again.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Mojo, my brow becomes fevered,must resit panic buying

Thanks for the heads up