Monday, 25 February 2013

20mm British Infantry Painting 1944 (Continued+)

Following on from my "Old Notes to Self" post describing my British Infantry painting technique, it appears I must now dirty up the British Infantry again to create the correct "grimy shades" feel to them. As I want them to fit in with the old figures I must comply (see below): 

Other matters attract my attention. "A carrier, a carrier, my Platoon 20 figures need a decent carrier". My 'battalion' will need a carrier stand. Frown ... Oh look there's one (see below): 

Thankfully what was previously considered an oversized Skytrex model (when used next to traditional plastics) fits the bill nicely (see above and below):

Once again other matters attract my attention.I am still missing an "in scale" 20mm (that is large metal) 6 pdr anti tank gun. I do already have 'six' Airfix 6 pdr and Bren/Universal Carrier kits but they look so out of place next to these metal Platoon 20 giants. I have 'three' of them earmarked for the "anti-tank stands" needed for the plastic (1/72:1/76) British Infantry (Airfix/Revell/Caesar) battalions I will 'raise'. The other three will become a "divisional anti-tank battery" that can be attached to battalions. So an all metal 6 pdr and crew is on the "wish list" but with no immediate urgency as of yet.

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Paul said...

Cracking good progress Geordie. More!