Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Painting 1/200 and 20mm WWII British Infantry (Continued)

The 20mm "Platoon 20" British Infantry box, with the middle rank of figures now reaching the "all" under-coated phase (see below):

When I have the above figures completed I will have the 20mm "attacking infantry force" for the 'Fire and Movement: Battalion Attack" ready to Rock-N-Roll. Meanwhile I am also painting the 1/200 BEF 1940 Infantry Brigade's "third battalion" (see below, in a Spearhead battalion OrBat): 

Destined for a rearguard action somewhere in France circa 1940 against the Panzers. Courtesy of the 20mm painting guide the above 1/200 boys were the first BEF 'small guys' to receive a proper "green helmet" to go with their uniform.

Naturally I will now have to go back and 'adjust' the other two infantry battalions accordingly. Small steps but at least it is forward progress ;) 


Paul said...

The figures are coming up a real treat Geordie. Nice detailed painting.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Small steps when I can ;)