Sunday, 10 February 2013

Platoon 20: WWII British Infantry (Continued from a while back)

The Tray of Wonders: 

After getting the paints out for the Skytrex Action 200 (1/200) kit it made sense to try and finish off my British "Platoon 20" 1944-45 collection (see picture below). The top 41 figures have been painted and the middle row of seventeen remain "outstanding" on the ledger. The bottom sixteen figures are Dixon LRDP/SAS figures fro another "skirmish" project.

Thank goodness I posted this to myself:

So far I an still at the putting on the base colours stage,WIP for sure.

Light (50mm) Mortar Section, the left most section (two firing and two moving) and four odds-and-sods infantrymen, rightmost section (see below):

A support stand of three engineers (left) and the ubiquitous Vickers HMG team, that spoiled many a German infantryman's day in both the First and Second World Wars (see below):

The 81mm Medium/Heavy Mortar section (see below):

These troops are also destined to play "Fire and Movement: Battalion Attack" (see Phil Sabin's Simulating War Book - WWII Tactical Gaming section). Note: Once the Platoon 20 British Infantry project is complete I also have the following (as in plenty of Vallejo paint to use up) mini-projects for my remaining HO/00, 1/72 or 1/76 British Infantry:

  • WWII Platoon 20 (Late War WIP)
  • WWII Airfix (Mid-Late War)
  • WWII Revell (Late War)
  • WWII Valiant (Late War:Normandy)
  • WWII Plastic Soldier Company (Late War)
  • WWII Caesar (Late War)
  • WWII Italeri/Esci (Mid-Late War)
  • WWII Zvezda (BEF, yet to acquire)
  • WWI Tumbling Dice (1916-18)
  • WWI (BEF) Tumbling Dice (1914-15)
  • WWI Airfix (BEF: 1914-15)
  • WWI Airfix RHA
  • WWI Emhar (1916-18)
What is missing from the above? Italeric (ex-ESCI/ERTL) come to mind and the long lost Matchbox box, HaT must have some too. Any others in "plastic"? SHQ and Newline (although I have a few of these sneaking into the "Platoon 20" collection) are missing from "metals". Other suggestions appreciated

Trying to keep the modern interest alive, along with the Renaissance and Ancients ;)

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Paul said...

Thank godness you have come to your senses Geordie.

I like a man with a plan. Keep going!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The plan just seems to be English Uniform Vallejo 70921 ;)

When that runs out I'll have to open another one