Monday, 12 February 2018

Sparta v Argos (Re-Run Take III): Done (Part 7)

Flying high with gods the Spartan left flank can be seen cruelly wheeling into the Argive right hoplites, harvesting them like ripe wheat. The Argives have one last hope, a third attempt to shatter the Spartan "youth hoplite stand" of spears that has twice thwarted them (see below):

The proverbial kitchen sink is thrown at the Spartans. Notice how the Argive General (myself) refrains from attacking the Spartan hoplites to the right hand side of the attacking Argives, because success is unlikely to kill and a push back would help out the the beleaguered Spartan stand. On the other hand it would have potentially interrupted the run of "bad Argive dice" in the vital sector, but statistics say that should not have mattered because you do not affect the future with past rolls of a d6 (see below, I as the Argive ruminate about this now):

A sacrifice is offered to the gods, harsh words of encouragement by the Argive Captains of War are given and the attack commences and the die is thrown. Stunned into silence, all pleasure of head banging gone (see previous posts) just the sad (from the Argive perspective) calculation is repeated. "No, unbelievable, these Spartans cannot be moved" (see below):

The Spartan run through the Argive hoplites like a hot knife through butter. Smoothly and without mistake two Argive hoplites fall upon the hill. The Argive army morale shatters and they flee (see below, Sparta 5 Argos 3 - Sparta remains supreme on the Peloponnese):

What a fantastic game! Incredible in that right up until the end the Argives thought they had it, but the Spartans played true. This young novice Spartan King is a man to watch in the world of DBA, he plays the period not the game system. Immense fun. Maybe I should look to introduce some new troop types. Perhaps from Persia or Thrace ;)


Natholeon said...

It's been a great set of reports to follow. Thanks.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Glad you liked it Natholeon :)