Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sparta v Argos (Re-Run Take III): Time to Finish it (Part 6)

For the second time of asking the seemingly forgone conclusion of a forlorn stand of Spartan hoplites outnumbered 3:1 and with no possible room for retreat were drawn into a "do or die" combat (see below, "Spartans we salute you! You fought well but Argos needs to teach Sparta a lesson"): 

Instead the Spartans show Argos that today, here, on this piece of hallowed ground no more Spartans shall give way to Argos. Bang 8-6 - the massed ranks of the Argives bounce away again. Quite sportingly the Spartan King offers me a cushion so to not damage my head (see below, the unbelievable happens and to my shame I did not use the extra PiP I had to bring the extra Argive troops into "usefulness", hubris my friends, hubris): 

It is Sparta;s time to deal the death blow. The Spartan king watches as his mighty phalanx unfurls for a  Sparta [Spears 4 + 2 flanks] = 6 versus  3 Argos [Spears 4 - 2 overlapped flanks + 1 for being on a hill] basic attack - needing to double to kill (see below, all to play for at 3-3 and just one stand needed by both sides to win):

Ah! The Argives roll a 1, all seems lost but then Sparta also rolls a one: 7-4 Push Back! How on earth? Argos has yet another chance to pull it out of the fire! Will this game ever finish? Will this game not stop providing "crazy" dice rolls. The Spartan King is momentarily crestfallen but composes himself and moves on (see below): 

Apologies for the misdirection saying it was a "done thing" but we seem to be now playing on past the end of regulation time ;)

Next: Extra Time Sudden Death?

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