Saturday, 10 February 2018

Sparta v Argos (Re-Run Take III): Don't Go Counting Chickens (Part 5)

And so it came to pass that a bunch of Spartans stood between myself and immortal glory. These should be second-stringers as they were a third of the way along from teh weaker (less prestigious end of the line of battle). As an Argive it was time to "seize the moment" (before the catchphrase of the Dead Poet's Society even existed). Again the Argive killer Psilio were the key, placed in the rear of the Spartan Phalanx (see below, left middle):

In went my solid Argive hoplites, supported on their left by the Argive General's personal cohort and assisted by the deadly Psilio in the rear. It was the same trap to be spring for a third 'killer' time. Except these Spartan milksops had not read the script, the fought the Argives to a standstill and then pushed them back (see below, a classic case of DBA 6-1 to the Spartans!):   

The groans and revulsion was acute. A twisted knot formed in my stomach as my bolt was shot and the initiative had been passed back to the unforgiving scarlet Spartans. The concerned Spartan (novice DBA'er) General asked it I was OK. To which I replied "Fine. Absolutely fine. Banging my forehead off the tabletop like this is quite usual in these circumstances. In fact it has a quite a therapeutic affect!" I said smiling inanely (see below, the Argive General is left pondering "How did that not work?"):

Simply stated the Spartan milksops had remembered what their Spartan mothers had said to them before they left for war. Presenting their sons with their shields, "With it or on it" and you don't cross your Spartan mother (see below): 

The Argives now faced a fight for their lives on the right of the battlefield, but a critical low PiP roll of "one" gave the Argives hope. Instead of an overwhelming "no retreat overlap battle" the Spartans merely hit the Argive hoplite (who had luckily recoiled away from the front-facing Spartans last go) in the flank. The Argives turned to face and the die were rolled (see below):

The Argives gasped in horror as they were on the receiving end of a 5 to 1 die result. Fevered calculations took place, Sparta 4 (+0 supports) +5 = 9 versus Argive 5 = 4 + 1, so it was a push back. Had we been playing DBA version 2.2 then the rear holpites woudl have supported +1 and it would have been 'curtains' for the Argives, game set and match! As it was it was "Game on!" (see below, "Would you Christmas Eve it?"): 

And from another even more dramatic perspective, hoplite to hoplite and the Argives bend but do not break. The Spartan General adopted a disbelieving maniacal laugh instead of my primitive trepanning. Welcome to DBA, you never forget moments like these. They seem to come with alarming regularlity defying the 'sane' Laws of Statistics. In DBA terms statistics is merely a suggestion thrown at the gods, who more often than not will just laugh back at you. I digress! (see below):

After the recoil (see below, the Argives were now technically backing up a gentle hill. Could good news come from the other side of the battlefield to save the day? (see below):

After that"topsy turvy" sequence of events, both King and General wondered what twisted fate still lay in store for these armies?

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