Sunday 5 February 2023

Paint Conversion Site: Humbrol to Other Makes

This site was of great help identifying other paint manufacturers matching to Humbrol colours from Airfix kits (see below, as there is nothing more frustrating as chasing and having duplicate colours in different ranges):

This helped me greatly with two recent projects (the RAAF Boomerang and Luftwaffe Fiesler Storch from the Airfix Vintage releases).


Martin Rapier said...

Thanks Mark that is very useful. I've long suspected that all those Vallejo dark green paints are essentially exactly the same colour! NATO Green and Bronze Green are indistinguishable.

Jim Jackaman said...

That's a good find! Thanks

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Glad you gents found it useful too - I just hate it when I am left searching for the right base paint. Washes help blur stuff, but something near to a good match helps dispel self doubt ;) and lets you just get on with teh painting. One advantage with fantasy and Science Fiction is that you can just make it up :)