Friday, 11 December 2009

Narvik (6): German Perimeter Search

Von (J) disposed of the active German Destroyers as follows:

Search Patrol (1):
Dispatched immediate:
One Destroyer
Out to a range of six nautical miles
North West sweeping in an arc down south

Search Patrol (2):
Dispatched one hour later that (1)
Three destroyers
Out to a range of six nautical miles
South sweeping in an arc upwards

Reinforcement Group
Dispatched two hours later than (1)
Two destroyers
Station keeping two miles outside of Narvik
Von (J) with this group

If uneventful both patrols should meet approximately WSW of Narvik six nautical miles out.
As night breaks into twilight ... Contact [South 6nm, unidentified ship - probable destroyer] reported from Patrol Group (2)

In addition there were three destroyers still in the process of refuelling in Narvik.
The Von Roeder was moored in the outer Fjord as a floating gun platform, though still capable of raising steam and minor movement, she is as such not sea worthy.

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