Thursday, 10 December 2009

Sybil has the last laugh at the expense of Phyrus

After the hard won victory at the gates of Rome Phyrus now contested the very streets of the Roman capitol pouring his crack troops into crucible of battle. Although technically not proficient in this urban style of warfare, then who is, the hot blooded impetus of victory impelled even the Phalanx to be stripped to give bulk. Valuable specialists fell fighting Roman citizen militia but so be it when the stakes are so high.

Moving from the tabletop to campaign game, in what was to become the Stalingrad of an earlier age, the dice of siege were rolled and ferocious casualties inflicted to both sides, turn after turn. Rome's city status and once mighty Legions took a literal hammering but in the process the army of Phyrus became transfixed and impaled on its prize.

The citizens of Rome were reduced to eating their pets and squabbling over gnawed bones, the Legion became a militia but Rome was still intact. All that remained was one remaining low-odds Greek attack. Sybil laughed insanely as a 6-2 result spun in Rome's favour meant the beast was not slain, badly wounded yes, but now evermore dangerous because of it.

Phyrus took one look over his shoulder at that haunted city as he retired south with his uncommitted horse and elephants his destiny broken in her shadow. He had now become a victim rather than maker of history after all.

Rome has its active go turn next and in the words of one of her players, "Quake Greek, we will be back with just Blades next time!" The clock ticks forwards another twenty five years in campaign time. Regrets? Apart from being the would-be Alexander styled general who lost the Greek flank in the first battle and then urging the commitment of more and more resources to the insane street battles of Rome what did I get wrong? Besides how many chances will you get at taking Rome? That might have been my one and only one ;) 

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