Saturday, 5 December 2009

Phyrus at the Gates of Rome - End Game (4)

To whatever gods the Greek and Roman generals prayed, they were beseeched with merciful cries to smash their opponents and bring favour to their devout followers. Could the Greeks punch a whole through the now thin Legion? It was a tall ask:

All along the line the Greeks had the cut of the cloth. The Roman troops that had outflanked the Phalanx themselves too were vulnerable and cut down. The remaining three intact Phalanx blocks caused extra Legion casualties, the Elephants were merciless to blade and light alike, only the splendid Greek Knights made no killing impression, but not being killed was good enough. 

With the Superior Triari and goodly portion of Blades gone there was nothing left but chaff.

Roman morale broke, (what remained of) the Legion turned and fled, the Samnites snook away,  Phyrus had his day, but could this tactical success be followed up inside the streets of the city? Only further campaign rolls would tell, but at least Phyrus was in a position to make them. Looking around the battlefield it had been bloody for both sides.

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