Monday, 14 December 2009

Narvik (7): Contact German Destroyer Group 1

German Destroyer Group (1):
The Visibility at the murky pre-dawn is under 10,000 yds (5nm)
The German lookouts are watching a mysterious destroyer shape in the distance

Both the other German destroyer groups are at least 6nm away currently yawing long at 6knts helping Von (J) take stock of the wider situation and are waiting for a situation update while conserving fuel stocks

Back of the fag packet calculations: 6 knots = 10 turns to arrive by stealth, 12knots = 5 at a good cruising speed, 24-30 knots hell for leather as destroyers do, 2-3 turns.

"Nein Zerstroyer"
"Ein Cruiser!"

Even as those words are uttered the cruiser mechanically trains her broadside towards the German destroyer group and seems to be intent on closing the range for some business. It is now obvious broadside on, as an Arethusa class light cruiser of the Royal Navy, mounting 6 x 6", lightly armoured but with a speed to match that of the German destroyers.

Odds: Cruiser would still have a evens [50% = good in my book] chance of  hitting the German destroyers. Cruisers being far better gun platforms than destroyers and can deal out a more punishing rate of fire, whereas in return the German ships have only at best 30% of hitting the Cruiser. There are more Germans, but their guns would need to be firing under 22" to be guaranteed of penetrating (hull hits for example being halved).

Tactical situation tabletop: Cruiser is 40" away turning broadside to the Germans who are currently facing it line abreast.

Von (J) orders:
Increase speed from 3" to 8"
Evasive action (3/4 of normal movement [6"] but you will wiggle to put the enemy gunners off -10% and -10% to German shooting)
Simultaneous division turn to face broadsides to enemy
The range to the enemy closing slightly as both sides advance
Signal to other destroyer groups to make haste in support of Destroyer Group 1

Other tactics under consideration:
Make Smoke

A ripple of flame belches across the breadth of the cruiser
The destroyers begin returning the fire
Next ... Under fire

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