Friday, 12 March 2010

Ancient Campaign Update: Rome takes another pasting

Catching up from the post tabletop battle (a clear Carthaginian win), the casualty rolls (and shifts accorded by various board game "cards in play") meant that the Roman army suffered 40% losses compared to the Carthaginian 10%. Worse still, this was early on in the Carthaginian move. The armies clashed again in terms favourable to the Carthaginian. The Roman army was hit hard and then hit hard again, no point in even taking it to the tabletop. Rome's army counters fell into the dead-pile, dying stoically as only Romans can die. Roman senators were now in panic! Thankfully (small mercies) the Carthaginian army was far away in Gaul.

A legion, one of many, lost in Gaul!

Ah! "The Fates" interfered again in the events of Rome. Next turn: In a use him or lose him fashion "Hannibal" turns up as a Carthaginian commander. Rome burns all its gold to recruit as much of an army as possible. As inevitably Hannibal arrived outside the "Gates of Rome". Once more the smell of panic fills its streets. True Hannibal's attack is at a disadvantage, but again like Phyrus before him "How many times will you get the chance to sack Rome?" The Roman players are feeling a certain "deja vu"!

From the Greek perspective this is good news as we do not have to fight a war on two fronts, with a province pinching Rome on one side and the Seleucid colossus on the other. The looming power struggle (to the death) with the Seleucid Empire is commanding our attention and cannot be put off much longer.


Al said...

Have quite enjoyed following this lot mate, but would really like to see some pictures of your Comets.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I'll see what I can do for you Al ;)

Trouble is even this ancients campaign action is one-step removed from "me" actually pushing the pieces about!