Monday, 29 March 2010

Painting tray update "Something Naval" the IJNS Yamato in 1:3000

At last, after three months of modelling inactivity I get my fingers moving. Small steps but the Pacific War project has spawned some painting tray activity at last. The Navwar 1:3000 Yamato, the biggest of the big in WWII battleship terms.

A little bit of filing and gluing needed.

Unusually for such a small beastie there are five parts to assemble, but then again the design of the Yamato means that for the model to be nice and pretty (devoid of the horrendous/hideous barrels to the deck) the turrets go on a separate pieces. Lesser known WWII battleship characters don't quite get this TLC but then again are less likely to be picked up as much (more likely viewed from six feet away).

Next step a bit of paint ...


Paul said...

I love the story of the Yamato...tragic waste of steel and sailors.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It seems that way for the whole of the whole of IJN Dreadnought fleet from WWI onwards

Yamato in particular